My Cover Photoshoot


Last Sunday i did my cover photoshoot for this blog. It's been a long time since i'm pregnant to doing photoshoot again, even as i remember that my last photoshoot is my pre-wedding last year..

For this photoshoot i decided to do make up by my own with under average skill >,<
i really love Beyonce as Sasha Fierce (It doesn't mean that i'm an illuminati follower) so i searching on youtube how to get Fierce eyes make up like beyonce (i'll post the tutorial asap!) and voila! it's not the best but it's not bad too! heehee..

I call my old friend to collaborate in this photoshoot.. He is one of the best and famous Photographer in my hometown. His name is Joen Lim by JLims Photography. For wardrobe i use my own collection, i did mix and match my black satin pleated crop top and silver linen hi-waist trousers. And for the shoes i use my black high heels by Vanila House Asia.

And this is the results of my photoshoot

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  1. I think you look very stylish and sophisticated in all these pictures! Nice! :)
    //Sara x

  2. Such a Lovely Look ! :-)

    Enjoy your Day! | Lisa | Joy Della Vita Travelblog