Show your quality trough anti-mainstream resume


Today i've been engaged my self to make a resume for job application.

I love everything different and it's match with my hobby in designing especially graphic design. Like what i've been learned in college, communication worker like me must create everything unique to show how creative our ideas.

So today i challenge my self to make my resume looks anti-mainstream but still eye catching.

For me theres no limit for creativity, it means no absolute meaning of creativity. Everyone free to interpreted it based on their own view point.

In my opinion, creative not always coming from your tough originally. We also permitted to create something with use other's creations as inspiration. But, like i said we use just as an inspiration not to copy and claim it yours. Smart peoples not always creative but creative peoples have something that made their IQ above average. So creative peoples definitely can distinguish between copycat and inspired.

Look other's creation is a brainstorming for us to make new creative ideas. So i started to googling creative resumes and i'm so amazed. So many creative peoples with their fresh ideas around the world. And it made me confused to filter inspiring resumes because all look marvellous!

Picking two, three and many more then i began to made my own. It's not easy like what you see, but voila! it finished in......... 3 hours?? haha.. God creates earth not in a night right?! :p everything great doesn't made quickly (i think i'm over-confident! >,< )

Okay, it's my resume

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