Bangkok Memory (Nov 2013)


World's attention goes to Bangkok now after Bomb tragedy in Erawan Shrine on Aug 17th, 2015.

It mades me remember my trip going to the capital city of Thailand on November 2013 with some friends of my parents which most of them going there to celebrate Phra Phrom feast day in Erawan Shrine. I don't know exactly what are they celebrate for, but many people are willing to queue for praying to a God who is also known as "Se Mien Fo".

Okay, I haven't pictures how the conditions there at that time because it's really crowded and i do not pray there so i decided to wait in Mc Donalds.

But, i want to share some pictures of my holiday in Bangkok.

I can't remember for sure the name of places in my pictures, feel free to fix me if i made mistake :)
I remember i had visited Grand Palace, Wat Arun, Golden Buddha and Lying Buddha.

So sad to know what just happened there. Bangkok is nice place to visited. Many things that can be enjoyed there. Tourist attraction, historic & religious sites, culinary, shopping mall and many more. Although we still can see demonstration between red or yellow shirts, but Bangkok is still safe for tourists before this terrorist attack.

I hope situation in Bangkok recovered soon :)
and let's us pray for all victims

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