Spa in minutes


What a relaxing evening that i had yesterday. Special thanks to my pretty cousin Ferry Liong who gave me French Lavender & Honey Shower Gel by Bath & Body Works.

"Me time" be more precious for a mother with an infant like me. After all feeding, diapers, vomits, poop things that i have to face everyday (i did it by my own self without nanny! I'm a super mom! hee hee #cheerownselfup) even just for taking a shower, i've been very grateful.

Since i can't indulge my body like i used to, i become more critical to choose my skin care products. Because i have to do all activities quickly so i need maximizing everything by the products that i use like the aroma, how it's moisturising and regenerate my skin, etc.

I fell in love with this product since the first time i used it. I'm impressed because the fragrant of the lavender was so refreshing and i also think that i'm smelling like candy because of the honey essence on this shower gel. It was so relaxing. Then i can feel how soft my skin everytime i touch it. The sensation really feels like that i've been spend hours in spa.

Now i can have my own quality "me time" even it's only few minutes in my house's bath room. All stress cleaned up and my energy to taking care my little guardian angel is renewed. 

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  1. so fine pics ;-)

    i invite to me too