May all beings be happy (Loving Nature Fortunate Coffee)


Culinary business is being popular nowadays. No wonder theres many restaurants and cafes that have just opened in my hometown lately. One of them is Loving Nature Fortunate Cafe which is located at D.I Panjaitan #68 Samarinda.

My friends who have been visited this restaurant love to upload some pictures of it's foods or beverages on social media. And i'm being curious to try it my own. After all busy with milks, diapers and all "baby sitting" things, i have a chance to take lunch here with my friend this afternoon.

My friends told me that they have different recommended menu daily, and for today their special menu is Curry Fried Rice. So i decided to order it with iced lemon tea for my beverage.

No need to wait for a long time, i've received my orders on the table. They serve it with an attractive appearance.

When it comes to my mouth i was shocked!


This restaurant is belongs to Buddhist Centre in Samarinda which means all menu that they served is vegetarian menu. They use "fake" meat (processed vegetables or mushroom), but it tastes so delicious. There's no any difference with curries that use meat. It tastes like the the real one.

While i'm enjoying my fried rice, my friend asking me to try meat substitute on her vegan noodles. They use mushroom as meat alternative. ehhhhhmmm... yeah it tastes like meat but i still can feel the difference of mushroom and the real meat. But it's good at all.

Beside our main dishes, my friend also ordering fried cassava which known as "singkong" in Indonesia. My friend said that they have delicious singkong in here.

This restaurant's speciality is coffee. It seen from pictures on social media that their guest had uploaded, mostly of them show the coffee with unique latte art on it's top.

I'm not a coffee lover, but what my friend told me that they do something special while make the coffee for the customers. They sing happiness song and hope it will be give positive impact for everyone who drinks it.


who won't get it?

i really need it right now. So i called the waiter to order hot caramel machiato.

Yeah happiness not easy to come as you order and enjoying your coffee. But, after drink mine i can relaxing my mind and feel energizing to continue my activities today. So i can get best way to finish my day.

Last but not least, they give good quotes on every table number sign. Like mine (behind my coffee) which in English it means

"Learn to being humble until there's no one will humiliate you"

May all beings be happy :)

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  1. awww I love this post cause It's about food xD
    I am started a blog about food too ^^

    if you don't mind to check 'em out ^^
    <a href=">here </a>

    I love that quote "Belajarlah Merendah Sampai Tak Seorangpun Yang Bisa Merendahkanmu"

  2. I wanna eat them, looks so yummy.

  3. Food Porn!!!
    your nasi goreng picture is really temptating !