My happy belly ( Nasi Rendang Ayam)


According to history, Indonesia has colonized for 3 centuries because of their richs in herbs & spices. And now we can found many kind of it in the market easily. Indonesian ethnics have their own way to process spice becomes tasteful food seasoning. No wonder we can taste many delicious food here like satay, empek-empek, soto, nasi uduk and many more! Both of them are pamper your tongue and belly. That's why I really love Indonesian food!

Now, i'm gonna talk about one of delicious Indonesian food


I bought it from one of my good friend Gabby. She and her sister forming home catering service in our hometown named TATA AQ catering. All courses that they sells are well cooked by their talented mom. So i'm really sure that my belly will be enjoy my lunch.

When i opened my lunch box i can feel the smell of "SANTAN" which it's the basic ingredient of this kind of dish. Santan is the essence of coconut. And to make "RENDANG" you should processing it with onions, chilli, ginger, galangal, pepper and other spices.

And for today's dish, Gabby's mom cooks chicken with processed spices that i have mentioned above. It makes the chicken so tasteful.

Besides "RENDANG AYAM" as basic dishes, i also found rice with a sprinkling fried onions above which made the rice smells fragrant, boiled egg and potatoes, fried noodles to complete this course and cucumber as garnish.

This course looks yummy and when it entering my mouth then touching my tongue, the taste do not disappointing what we see. I can feel how Gabby's mom mix the herbs and spices nicely and everything comes into my mouth was so delicious. This NASI RENDANG really recommended and made me feel not satisfied if i just took 1 box for my lunch. I want it more and more.

So have you tried the others kind of Indonesian food? what are your favourite one? what do you think about Indonesian food that you've been tasted?

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  1. I'm a huuuggggeee fan of Rendang Ayam though it annoys me sometimes because it means all my working out is going down the drain, ha!

    May | THE MAYDEN

  2. Rendang sapi or rendang ayam is always the best!!!

  3. thankyou for sharing
    thumbs up for your blog

  4. look so nyummyyyy !!! OMG you i'm so hungry now and this is 0;28 am :( thank you for sharing

  5. oh my gosh... its barely lunch time and I am hungryyyyyyy already!!!!!

  6. I do not know a lot about Indonesian food but this meal looks amazing and I am always up for meals with lots of spices!

    Rae | Love from Berlin