Sweet Joy of Christmas ( carrot cake and banana cake from @dotco_company )


Jingle bell here..
Jingle bell there..
Jingle bell everywhere..

Who's with me loving December??

Yeay, Christmas season is coming!

What's on your mind when i say "CHRISTMAS"?

Santa Claus? Christmas tree with lights? snowman?
many things can be mentioned if we talk about special day to celebrates the born of Jesus.

But, every kids in the world believe that they will get a present by Santa Claus if they did good.

And i've got my early x'mas gift!
Not from santa, because i'm not on his list (it doesn't means that i am on #naughtyteam, the reason is since this year 'til years later i have a job to be santa claus for my lovely son Jordan hee hee)

Back to my present! I've got it from @dotco_company
Special treats from two beautiful and so kind sisters

a yummy slices of carrot cake and banana cake.
and i can't handle my self for waiting any longer to eat this little heaven.
Unfortunately i just ate that time so i decided to eat it as my dinner.





It's 7pm!

time for dinner, so no need to think twice! i take the carrot one and put it on my mouth..

amazing! I never felt icing sugar with right flavour like this! It wasn't too sweet.. Really yummy!
and this cake has soft texture which made it tastes perfect!

Poor me i can't taste the banana one because i gave it to my mom but so far she said it's so delicious!

Hei, i just starting to vlogging! so it's my first video blog. Check this out and please subscribe my youtube channel!

Thanks for reading my post :*



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