Keep calm & be positive!


I don't know why i'm always found something awkward every time i'm looking to my first cover photoshoot.

I try to remember why it doesn't looks perfect and i'm found that i'm not in the good mood when i took that pictures!

Yeah, do u believe that even we try so hard to hide our miserable heart feeling but our face expression can't lie (especially for me who can't pretending that i'm good when i'm not)

That's why we have to always be happy all the time no matter how big the problem that we have to dealt with everyday.

Suddenly my ears got a lot of whispers said "it's easy to talk only!"
But, i used to live with something bad that i have to face everyday.
And i wanna share the ways to quit from your sad zone.

What is it?

It's all about how do you respond it..
right responses will affected your life.
I'm gonna share my experiences about the right responses on my other post.

Now, back to my cover photoshoot.
I did my own make up on the first cover photoshoot, but i wanna make this time different with the previous one. So i called my friend who has a proffesion as a mua to collaborate with.

Her name is Irina Stephanie who also known as Irist. I used to team up with her for couples time when i still work on a wedding photography service.

I've never brushed by her before, but as long as i work with her, our costumers always satisfied with her make up. So, i asking her to help me. Thanks God, He sent me an angel like Irina! She wants to wasting her time for making me looks awesome on my blog cover.

We had interesting talk during make up session. She also shared about her experiences with some customers. Irina ever had a customer who wants Irina to put natural make up on her,  but what a pity she has complained Irina because she founds almost no colour on her make up. This should be clarified about what the meaning of natural make up. Like what it calls, this kind of make up only exposes some parts of our face which looking good to be highlighted with neutral colour like brown so it's colour looks like our skin. That's why nowadays it also known as naked make up.

For this photoshoot i choose natural make up for my look, but Irina said that daily make up totally different with photography make up. Even we want to look natural but MUA still have to apply the colours boldly. Because what we see trough camera doesn't like what we see with naked eye. Because it affected by lighting effect.

and voila!
I really love this look!
so gorgeous!
It doesn't looks too much!
Really close with my expectation!
even same!
more than my expectation instead!

After Irina finished her masterpiece, I'm going to photoshoot location.
But, i still need to wait because my lovely son also has photo session for christmas. And my session is after him.

Photoshoot starts behind the schedule ( because of my bad habit, sorry!) so Jordan doesn't have good mood to take some pictures. He cries out loud during his session.

But, i must admit that Ichal from MFS Photography are a professional photographer. It proved by Jordan's photo results. All photos looking great and Jordan looks so adorable. I'll post it soon!

2 hours trying so hard to taking Jordan's pictures, finally his session is over. And mommy's turn to do photoshoot.

Once again i was amazed with Irina's work. Waiting too long even sweating because i try to calming down Jordan, doesn't change my make up. It still looks fresh and i can't found any cracks.

And my photoshoot running smoothly. Ichal and team were so good to direct my pose. And they so concern to keep every details while taking pictures!

So nice to work with professionals like Irina and Ichal. And all hard work is paid with the perfect result.

Unfortunately my video during photoshoot can't be shown because lack of lighting. But i've been upload bts of my make up on my youtube channel.

Thanks a lot Irina and Ichal! Can't wait for another project!



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